Emergency Preparedness Training

At Guardian Security & Protection our consulting and training services can help you design a plan that fits your building or company needs. Whether you are a small office, large organization, event company or theatrical venue, our goal is to help you to prepare, prevent, respond and recover after an emergency.

Our trained staff will come on site to speak with you and your staff. They will address your concerns and look at your vulnerabilities. Based on your needs we will then draft a security plan to fit your needs and offer any training you would require.

Today more than ever, it is important to have a proper emergency preparedness plan in place. You should never think it will never happen to you.

Proper preparedness eliminates:

  • » Increased premiums
  • » Labor expenses
  • » Negative Media Exposures
  • » Negative consumer perception/loss of reputation
  • » Guests or staff not feeling safe in your facility
  • » Loss of life, property and functionality

Guardian Security & Protection offers First Aid, CPR & AED certification classes. We have instructors who can certify you, your family or your staffs on the important knowledge of life safety techniques and a two year certification.

They go above and beyond in dealing with my clients. Their professionalism and thoroughness in dealing with our needs makes us comfortable and know that we will be well taken care of.

Celebrity Manager