Active Shooter Survival

No one wants to think that an active shooter or assailant will enter their life, but the fact is that it could happen anywhere, and it’s happening with increased frequency.

Online & In-Person Training

When a known or random gunman opens fire, on average nearly a dozen injuries and at least three deaths occur. Being prepared is the best tool for survival for you, coworkers, family, and friends. We will provide you this training.

This is an all too familiar scenario facing our world. We can no longer subscribe to the notion that “it will never happen here”. Fortunately, we can train you, coworkers, family, and friends to recognize and respond to an active shooter and dramatically increase your chance of survival.

You can’t stop bad things from happening but you can be prepared when they do!

  • Instantly recognize the warning signs of potential violence
  • Have the mindset and know the physical steps you must take to survive
  • Don’t freeze in fear
  • Don’t waste time thinking about what to do
For more information on our program or to book an A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Training at your location, email or call 617-645-4495.