MOAB® Training

MOAB® is a registered trademark of MOAB® Training International, Inc. MOAB® Training International, Inc. is a respected leader among training and consulting organizations and specializes in programs on managing aggressive behavior.

Guardian Security and Protection offers training programs in the Management of Aggressive Behavior, MOAB®. We offer a half day, full day and two day training programs to fit your needs. In these sessions you will learn skills to identify and act on aggressive behavior.

In today’s world it is vital to have the skills to recognize and defuse aggressive behavior, not only in the workplace, but in your day to day lives. Have you ever been physically or verbally attacked? Have you been around anyone whose demeanor upsets or angers people? Has someone’s attitude or presence made you or others feel uncomfortable?

If so, take the time to learn skills that will help you address aggressive behavior and calm people in various stages of crises and conflict. MOAB® techniques focus on verbal and non-verbal communication as well as personal defense and safety skills. These skills will give you confidence and the ability to improve difficult situations.

Guardian Security and Protection instructors have been certified and authorized by MOAB®to instruct our clients of their methods and is not an agent of MOAB® Training International, Inc.

MOAB® is the most innovative, comprehensive, and effective course on managing aggressive behavior in the country today. These methods are proven to provide humane and compassionate methods of dealing with aggressive behavior in and out of the workplace.

I just wanted to write to let you know how deeply appreciated you are. Your team was absolutely fabulous- professional, reliable and able to handle any task, no matter how unexpected, at a moment's notice. They truly made it possible for us all to handle our duties without problem. To them and to you- a big, fat thank you!

Sincerely, Tommy